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Yasir ends up with figures of from These are fertile times for wicket taking. But no declaration is coming. Hazlewood is on his way to the middle. With the last ball of his 47th over, the leggie gains prodigious turn - no doubt to the lip-licking excitement of Lyon.

Beginner First Time Duck Hunting - Hunt, Clean and Cook Wild Duck

When will the declaration come? Must be soon, methinks. The DRS can't save Starc there. Starc gets off the mark with a cut past point for three and Cummins follows up with three more through the covers. Four byes and a leg glance for two follow, and a highly eventful over comes to an end with Starc missing a defensive prof and being trapped leg before.

Starc asks for a review but the decision stands.

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Labuschagne falls just short of his double century. A wonderful, breakthrough dig from the young man. Updated at 5. One run from it.

85+ Awesome Church Fundraising Ideas for Your Congregation

Allan Border has just said he would like 50 minutes at Pakistan this evening. Obviously not literally, but if he were captain. Out in the middle, Labuschagne greets Shaheen with a couple of glorious boundaries through midwicket, the first of which was picked up from near off. A very eventful session and a big one for Australia. The hosts racked up runs in the afternoon, with Labuschagne going on his merry way. A double looks his for the taking.

Catch you in a few moments. Iftikhar, and Rizwan in particular, are highly animated in their appeal for leg before, but the answer is no and no review is forthcoming. Missing leg it seems. If so, Labuschagne has picked up the clue phone, hitting Haris for successive fours. Paine then joins his partner in the boundary club, making it 14 runs from the over. Paine picks up his first boundary of the Australian Test summer, putting away a loose one through extra cover.

Lovely shot from the skipper. Or words to that effect. Labuschagne pulls Imran for a couple, the only runs in the over. A bit of a nothing dismissal but excellent keeping from Rizwan. Updated at 4. Labuschagne opens the shoulders and really middles one past point, but the stopper is out there and a very good shot brings just the one run. Pakistan look as interested now in stemming the flow of runs as they do in taking wickets.

Key events Show 7. Asad Shafiq c Smith b Cummins 0 Pakistan , trail by runs 6. Haris Sohail c Paine b Starc 8 Pakistan , trail by runs 6. Get ready to get crafty! Your Sunday school students can craft their own calendars to sell as gifts. Break out the glitter, magic markers, and stickers. Read more about social media and fundraising.

Noisy Sunday is a fun and easy church fundraiser that can be used multiple times a year.

How to Cook Duck Breasts

It involves your Sunday school students running up and down the church aisles with half-empty cans and jars of change, making as much noise as they possibly can. The point is to encourage everyone in the service to donate as much as they can to fill up the cans and make the noise disappear. Be sure to give your congregation a heads up, so they come prepared with change and bills to fill the noisy cans! Your youth group will love this unique way to raise money for their trips.

How to Cook Duck Breasts

Encourage them to help host and participate in! Burrito miles are just like your typical 5K race, except right before your runners start, they eat a huge burrito. Come one, come all! Get your faces painted like lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Face painting fundraisers are lovely when the weather starts to get nice again, and everyone wants to be outside basking in the glorious sun.

You can easily find inexpensive face painting kits, and there are sure to be at least a few members of your church who would love to be the artists. Dog washes are a great church fundraising idea for the whole family, Fido included! Put up signs and flyers all over the neighborhood to attract all the pooches to your fundraiser. Charge a small amount for people to come and have their dogs washed. Those tufts of fur are irresistibly cute! For an international food day fundraiser, each member of your youth group or Sunday school class brings in a dish from a different culture.

Other church members pay a small entrance fee to come and try all the tasty treats from around the world. International food days are an excellent way to teach youth and adults about diversity, to prepare them for mission trips around the world. Active mission teams are a perfect fit for a bike-a-thon fundraiser.

Much like a marathon, bike-a-thons are pledge based. Donors pledge per each mile that the youth group bikes during the fundraising event. This church fundraising idea allows your mission team members to bike as long or short as they would like. The point is to have fun, raise money, and stay active. Encourage donors to text their donations, to reach the per-mile goal. Text donations were used for a cycling race by W.

A classic mission trip fundraiser: the old-fashioned letter writing campaign. It probably goes without saying, but the real key to a successful letter writing campaign is a well-written letter.

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Always remember to say thank you in the letter. Regardless of whether or not they donate, the recipients of your letter have taken time out of their days to read your words. Learn more about nine essential church communication letters. Much like yard sales, car washes take little to no effort to plan and set up. You really only need a few members of the church to volunteer to wash cars, a couple to advertise by the side of the road, and some basic car-cleaning supplies.

Much like a jar guessing game, a balloon count involves participants paying to guess how many balloons are stuffed into a car. Choose a time and location for this mission trip fundraiser, and blow up as many balloons as you possibly can. Your congregation might have some of the most talented cooks in town! Let them share their favorite recipes with the rest of the church. Once you have enough recipes to fill up a book, you can pretty easily get it bound with pictures and neat type.

Australia v Pakistan: first Test, day three – as it happened | Sport | The Guardian

This is a great mission trip fundraising idea to do just before Thanksgiving. You can make the smoothies beforehand, or you can make them fresh to order by bringing an extension cord and portable power source to your smoothie stand location. Get started with church fundraising. Talk to a Snowball expert. Nothing is quite as refreshing as an ice-cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.

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  7. And for good reason! Find a recipe for lemonade, and whip up as much as you can ahead of time. Pick a busy area, and start selling. At the beginning of the event, sell as many tickets as church members and Sunday schoolers are willing to buy. Those tickets will then go into a drawing bucket. Imagine the buzz you could create if your church hosted a raffle, and instead of the traditional fare, you were giving away airfare! Before you start planning a true travel raffle, you must first survey your congregation to see if any of them has a connection with any travel agencies or airline companies.

    Even if no one is connected, you can still book an inexpensive giveaway, like a camping trip. Use your ticketing platform to set up the raffle, and encourage congregants to share it through their social media feeds. Your congregation will love a church fundraiser that also allows them to get away for a mini vacation. You can have a set of trophies made up for the winners. Other than these trophies, kickball is a very inexpensive fundraiser.

    Learn more about branding and church fundraising. Easter egg hunts are special-occasion activities that comes only once a year. Children of all ages love to go on safari to find precious, goodie-filled eggs.