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Every day some place or other. Strangers go, Bill, just now? And kissing and waving the tips of his fingers, with a smile to Mrs. Jones, who courtesied and simpered, though her heart was perplexed with culinary solicitudes "how to keep the water from getting into the trout, and prevent the ducks of overroasting," the worthy Baronet, followed by Bill, stept through the porch, and on the ridge of the old high-road, his own heart being oddly disturbed with certain cares which had given him a long respite; there he received Bill's directions as to the route to the Abbey.

It was a clear frosty evening. The red round sun by this time, near the horizon, looked as if a tall man on the summit of the western hill might have touched its edge with his finger. The Baronet looked on the declining luminary as he buttoned his loose coat across his throat, till his eyes were almost dazzled, thinking all the time of nothing but that handsome young man; and as he walked on briskly toward the Abbey, he saw little pale green suns dancing along the road and wherever else his eyes were turned.

I dare say if one were near he's not at all so like. It is devilish odd though; twenty-five years and not a relation on earth — and dead — hang him! Ay, here it is.

Why did this block occur?

He paused for a moment, looking at the pretty stile which led a little pathway across the fields to the wooded hollow by the river, where the ruin stands. Two old white stone, fluted piers, once a doorway, now tufted with grass, and stained and worn by time, and the stile built up between. I'd like to know all about it," said the Baronet, picking the dust from the fluting with the point of his walking-cane.

I'll make him out; he'll break cover. And he skipped down the stile on the other side, and whistled a little, cutting gaily in the air with his cane as he went. But for all he could do the same intensely uncomfortable curiosity pressed upon him as he advanced. The sun sank behind the distant hills, leaving the heavens flooded with a discoloured crimson, and the faint silver of the moon in the eastern sky glimmered coldly over the fading landscape, as he suddenly emerged from the hedged pathway on the rich meadow level by the slow river's brink, on which, surrounded by lofty timber, the ruined Abbey stands.

The birds had come home. Their vesper song had sunk with the setting sun, and in the sad solitude of twilight the grey ruins rose dimly before him.

So he looked up and about him, and jauntily marched over the sward, and walked along the line of the grey walls until he found a doorway, and began his explorations. Through dark passages, up broken stairs, over grass-grown piles of rubbish, he peeped into all sorts of roofless chambers. Everything was silent and settling down into night.

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At last, by that narrow doorway, which in such buildings so oddly gives entrance here and there into vast apartments, he turned into that grand chamber, whose stone floor rests on the vaults beneath; and there the Baronet paused for a moment with a little start, for at the far end, looking towards him, but a little upward, with the faint reflected glow that entered through the tall row of windows, on the side of his face and figure, stood the handsome young man of whom he was in pursuit.

The Baronet being himself only a step or two from the screw stairs, and still under the shadow of the overhanging arch in the corner, the stranger saw nothing of him, and to announce his approach, though not much of a musician, he hummed a bar or two briskly as he entered, and marched across and about as if thinking of nothing but architecture or the picturesque. The young man raised his hat too, and bowed with a ceremonious grace, which, as well as his accent, had something foreign in it.

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You have reason to be proud of your county, sir, it is full of beauties. The stranger's sweet, but peculiar, voice thrilled the Baronet with a recollection as vivid and detested. Rather than using it to build a story, I find it most useful as a checklist against which to measure a work in progress. It may not guarantee you write a brilliant story, but it will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of a brilliant idea gone wrong. This is the first plot formula I came across that introduced the idea of plotting a story out of order.

In my personal life, I was thankful to have this map to guide my quest and help me anticipate what was around the next bend. Here is an archetypal story summarised in one paragraph:. Once upon a time, something happened to someone, and he decided that he would pursue a goal. So he devised a plan of action , and even though there were forces trying to stop him , he moved forward because there was a lot at stake.

And just as things seemed as bad as they could get , he learned an important lesson , and when offered the prize he had sought so strenuously, he had to decide whether or not to take it , and in making that decision he satisfied a need that had been created by something in his past. What else could you need?

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I created the One Page Novel as an amalgamation of some of my favourite methods. Click here to watch a free workshop that walks you through using The One Page Novel method. Plot requires the ability to remember what has already happened, to figure out the relationships between events and people, and to try to project the outcome. Plotto is a fascinating and very thorough! I own and love Plotto.

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It is like walking around in a filing cabinet that was organized by someone with very specific bad ideas about information management, and who lives in the late twenties. It is not particularly friendly or easy to use, but it is really, really fun once you get the hang of it. To that end, I arranged the 3 clauses A, B, and C in a table. You can click here to download it. However, a quick glance at any of the dramatic situations will show you that each of them has several sub-sections with possible plot permutations. Pursued for a fault of love C.

A hero struggling against power D. A pseudo-madman struggling against an Iago-like alienist. Despite the fact that it was written over years ago two. For example:.

The third element ensures drama , and a reaction from the audience. I definitely think this is a book to keep by your bedside and dip into when you need some ancient wisdom. The Hero With a Thousand Faces is a fascinating book that deserves a slow, ponderous reading. Story erupts, no matter how deeply repressed or buried. I write about literature, language, love, and living off your pen.

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The One Page Novel online course is now open! How to Use Plot Formulas. The story relates events leading up to the death of Captain James Barton, who is haunted by a strange figure who may or may not be a ghost, but whose relentless appearance causes Barton to lose his senses and eventually his life. In the Dictionary of Literary Biography Gary William Crawford called the story "remarkably sophisticated for its day," noting that "the lingering uncertainty about what happens … invokes a genuine frisson.

Only in the midst of their terror do they learn that he had ultimately hanged himself in the house in his despair and madness. The story was later revised as "Mr.

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Justice Harbottle" and included in In a Glass Darkly. Le Fanu published no fiction works during the period to , an unsettled time in his family life, but his later period proved to be the most productive. When Le Fanu resumed his literary output he published The House by the Churchyard , a many-faceted novel that combines comedy, mystery, history, and horror, and Wylder's Hand , a successful tale of rivalry and murder.

In the story Maud Ruthyn is the niece of a man suspected though never proven to have committed a murder years before.