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April 29, Is Standard American a Myth? Grant Basic. Grant Standard - Part 1. Grant Standard - Part 2. No Trump Openings. Responding to Partner's 1 Heart or 1 Spade Opening. Splinter Raises over Partner's Opening. Reverse Drury. Minor Suit Openings and Responses. Weak Two Openings and Responses. Slam Bidding - Part 1. Slam Bidding - Part 2. Slam Bidding - Part 3. Slam Bidding - Part 4. Fourth Suit Forcing.

The Simple Overcall. Advancing the Simple Overcall.


The Jump Overcall. No Trump Overcalls.

The Unusual No Trump Overcall. The Michaels Cuebid. Our Top 10 Bridge eBooks is a round-up of the best contract bridge eBooks and duplicate bridge eBooks that are available for you to download to your iPad, iPhone or Mac computer. Contemporary Bridge Bidding is aimed primarily at intermediate players with a range skills, who are keen on improving their bidding.

The main focus of the book is on the two-over-one game force, which comprises a bidding system that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. The last two chapters are devoted to an introduction of two systems that are widely played around the world: Precision Bridge and Acol Bridge.

The bidding system used is American Standard. Examples are used throughout the book to explain how you should bid and play the game. Every chapter ends with a summary of what you should remember. There are additional examples for each chapter that you may use as practice deals. The contents of Introductory Duplicate Bridge is structured in such a way that you can at first just read parts of it to get a very basic understanding of the game. In this way Introductory Duplicate Bridge will accompany you on your way to becoming a strong intermediate player. Handbook of Winning Bridge by Edwin Silberstang is a thorough introduction to the game of bridge, filled with lots of examples, illustrations, and anecdotes.

Book: Bridge Bidding - Standard American Yellow Card

Beginning and intermediate players learn step by step everything they need to know about: duplicate bridge, contract bridge, rules of play, fundamentals of opening bids and responses, and scoring. Control The Bidding — The Right Way to Secure the Battleground in Bridge by Paul Mendelson is for the serious competitive bridge player who realises winning requires control of the bidding.

Even before a card is played you must fight for the high ground or hustle your opponents beyond their safe level.

Types of Bridge

Dodge their snares, resist their ploys but win the high stakes by forcing them to gamble — yourself delivering their misfortunes — and by your willingness to bet on certainty. Paul has also authored the companion volumes Bridge for Complete Beginners and The Right Way to Play Bridge , the leading book for the improving player.

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Glory of Notrump — World-Class Bridge In Action by John Sheridan Thomas shows you how to win bridge tournaments or to excel at rubber bridge by bidding and playing superior notrump contracts when most others are playing in suit strains. It describes how world-class experts bid and played notrump contracts in championship tournaments, including the Bermuda Bowl, the Venice Cup the World Team Olympiad, and others. John Sheridan Thomas has also written Standard American 21 , the book that has become the gold standard for modern rubber bridge players. The Everything Bridge Book by Brent Manley shares with us that this long standing card came is popular again!

Whether readers are learning bridge from scratch or looking to improve their game, The Everything Bridge Book is the ultimate contract bridge manual.

Contract bridge

Bridge master Brent Manley takes you step by step from the rudiments of bidding to the more advanced principles of tournament play. You learn how to:.

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In this book Elliot has imparted his knowledge and ideas learned over twenty years of playing high-level tournament and rubber bridge. The rest of Reese on Play — An Introduction to Good Bridge contains various examples of advanced strategy in attack and defence.