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While the historical information and hard facts presented here will likely be new to the intended audience, they in no way overwhelm readers or detract from the thoroughly researched, well-documented account. It can be based only on making future wars impossible. Einstein believed the German government was actively supporting research in this area and urged the United States government to do likewise. Einstein drafted his famous letter with the help of the Hungarian emmigrant physicist Leo Szilard, one of the number of European scientists who had fled to the United States in teh s to escape Nazi oppression.

Szilard was among the most vocal of those advocating a program to develop bombs based on recent findings in nuclear phyiscs and chemistry. Those like Szilard and fellow Hungarian refugee physicists Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner regarded it as their responsibility to alert Americans to the possibility that German scientists might win the race to build an atomic bomb and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to resort to such a weapon.

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The United States could not take that chance, and so the Manhattan Project was born. The presentation below reviews the biographies of some of the most prominent members of the Manhattan Project. On May 12, , President Roosevelt signed an order creating a secret project to develop the nuclear weapon. The program that developed the atomic bomb for the United States during World War II was the largest secret project ever undertaken by the U.

Since it was frequently the case the US Army Corps of Engineers offices were named for the city in which they were based, it was renamed Manhattan Engineering District, which became known as the Manhattan Project. It is , and one journalist is on the inside. His name is Mr. Laurence and he has been been given complete access to the scientists from the Manhattan Project. Explain why the author chose to start his story in a flashback.

What are the benefits of using this literary device? How does having background information about the Manhattan project help readers understand the exposition? What fictional superhero is Oppenheimer most like and why? Cast your vote.

Richard Rhodes's Interview

The science is fascinating. Can you explain how fission works? Here are two videos to help readers understand the concepts.

Inside the Daring Mission That Thwarted a Nazi Atomic Bomb

Note where the story about atoms is located in the newspaper. What does this say about how journalists viewed the importance of the splitting of atoms? Explain why Harry Gold provides the Soviet Union with secret information. Is he a victim or villain?

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Write a one paragraph response. Explain why this is a turning point for the United States. Does FDR make a case for a just war? Use this study guide to help you with the criteria of a just war, and find the videos here:.

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How do authors use descriptive writing techniques to engage their readers? The scene about Pearl Harbor is vivid and exciting. How does Sheinkin achieve that effect? At the National Council of Teachers of English conference in , I had the opportunity to ask Steve Sheinkin a few questions about how he made history read like a story. Here is one:. One of the scenes that I liked writing best had to be cut from the final draft of the book.

It was when as a young rock collector, Oppenheimer was asked to speak at a conference. His father made him. Read that excerpt from American Prometheus and ghost write the scene.

Try using all the descriptive writing techniques. Evaluate the military strategies each country has for winning the war by examining resources and liabilities. At this point, which country is most likely to win the race to build the bomb and how important is having that weapon to the success of their victory? Why did Groves decide to hire Oppenheimer?

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What issues did Groves have to overcome to get Oppenheimer on board? Explain why heavy water was so important to the German bomb making program. How did the Norwegian freedom fighters plan to foil the German effort to create an atomic bomb? Compare and contrast the three scientists who join the Manhattan Project in terms of why the accepted the assignment and how they decided.

Identify one commonality that they all share with each other and Knut Haukelid. It contains interviews with the Norwegian resistance fighters involved, including Knut Haukelid, as well as re-enactments of the missions. Three Way Race Rubric. What should you do? Pretend that you are the Director and you have to cast these parts.

Who would you hire and how would you inspire your actor to steal the scene? Compare the background check of Tibbets with that of Hall. Why was Tibbets chosen for the mission to drop the bomb? Why was Eifler replaced with Berg for the mission of silencing Heisenberg?

Why did Berg decide that Heisenberg was harmless? How certain was Moe Berg that Weisenberg was harmless? Reread the Prologue and note that the narrative structure contains a flashback. In this chapter, this reference is revisited. This reference gives the reader a clue that the story is reaching its climax.

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Revise your spy manual to add rules outlined in this chapter. Prioritize your rules and explain your decision. In this chapter, David Greenglass has a bit part but in history he was infamous. David Greenglass was the younger brother of Ethel Rosenberg. She and her husband, Julius, were the only one executed for espionage from this time period. Watch this video about their grisly execution. He wrote these words about the experience. The Atomic Age began at exactly 5. And just at that instance there rose from the bowels of the earth a light not of this world, the light of many suns in one.

With these two parts done, have students assess the decision to drop the bomb on Japan. The essential question is Was Truman justified in using two weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?